About Us

Austin Lebbon Architecture Ltd is a chartered architects practice founded by Michael Austin and James Lebbon. We are also able to offer construction services through Austin Lebbon Construction Ltd. Our aim is to deliver high quality projects through all stages from conception to completion. Every project is unique and services are tailored to suit individual needs. We are flexible in how we offer services and are able to act as architects only if that meets your requirements. 


As a Chartered RIBA practice, Austin Lebbon Architecture Ltd is a highly skilled and professional design studio, trained to turn your aspirations into reality. We will guide you through the design, planning and construction process whether you are constructing a new building or adapting an existing property. Michael has extensive experience in residential design, education, leisure and commercial architecture having worked self-employed and for practices for over 15 years both here in the UK and in Australia.


Austin Lebbon Construction Ltd works only with highly skilled and experienced tradespeople to ensure delivery of a quality end product. James is personally involved in managing projects on site ensuring attention to detail and delivery to time and budget.


Every project is an opportunity to create something exciting. Client engagement during the design and construction process and working within a budget are crucial to ensure a successful outcome to any scheme be it large or small.

Why Use an Architect?

Building or renovating a property is a big undertaking; not just financially, but also in terms of the time, energy, and the emotion you will invest in it. A fully qualified Architect is best placed to help you realise your dreams and ambitions for your project, whether it is you own home or a business venture.


Good design is essential to any project it can -


  • ​Enhance your quality of life.

  • Provide enjoyment

  • Reduce costs

  • Add value


The road to qualifying as an architect is a long one. Five years of study as well as two years working in the industry are needed. Once qualified architects must undertake a minimum period of CPD (continued professional development) every year to ensure they are up to date on the latest technical developments and standards. 


Architects are able to provide clients with a project tailored to their needs, even seemingly simple low budget projects can benefit from their skilled input. By engaging with a client's needs an architect can help to identify priorities and ensure that the budget, big or small is spent in the right places.